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AIC’s multi-discipline project skills, with the ability to secure financial closure, offers our many clients-National, Regional and International-the most comprehensive of service.

AIC’s rapid growth in the last few years has been an expansion into international markets throughout Africa and the Caribbean.

Chief (Dr.) Harry Ayoade Akande


Message from The Chairman...

40years ago I established AlC as a Nigerian Company that would pursue a goal of excellence in all that it undertook. That philosophy, the foundation of Northwestern's JL kellogg Graduate Business School from which I graduated, is still the basis of our endeavours today, to create and contribute to the development of a modern society here in Nigeria throughout Africa and indeed globally.

I hope through the pages of this brochure you will gain some insight into AIC's achievements and an accurate reflection of the calibre of management and engineering skills encompassed within the company which I feel justifiably proud to head. Many of the staff who have contributed selflessly to the standing of AlC are featured and Iwould like to take this opportunity to formally record my appreciation for their efforts. There would of course be no achievement without oppourtunity and to all the Clients who have supported us I would also register my strongest possible thanks and assure them of our continuing commitment to meet their demands.

There can be no doubt that the most evident change to our industry over the last 40 years has been the increasing demands of Financial Engineering required to effect the Development Plans so necessary to our future. AlC has taken the most vigorous steps on behalf of its Clients to ensure that their projects are structured within the guidelines necessary to secure financing. The support secured from - the African Development Bank (ADS), the World Bank (IBRD) and others for many of our projects is I believe a true demonstration of AlC's excellence not only in engineering but in those broader financial management skills to which I refer.

I look forwards to the future and the next 25 years with continued optimism, tempered with that essential pragmatism only hard experience can bring and to working with AlC's many friends in African and from around the world. A world that has seen many changes in the recent past with the fall ofthe Berlin Wall in Europe and collapse of the even bigger wall in Africa that of Apartheid in South African.

The management of change will continue to be the challenge into the 21st Century and one which Iam confident AIC will meet with skill and determination.

Finally, to my family, AlC and I could not have achieved success without your support and understanding. You are indeed "The wind beneath mywings" and I thank you.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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