Century Energy Services Limited!
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AIC’s multi-discipline project skills, with the ability to secure financial closure, offers our many clients-National, Regional and International-the most comprehensive of service.

AIC’s rapid growth in the last few years has been an expansion into international markets throughout Africa and the Caribbean.


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Registered Office
AIC Limited
AIC House
1, Chief Harry Akande Crescent
Orita Challenge
GPO Box 12789
Ibadan, Nigeria.

Tel: (02) 2310176, 2310177
Tlx: 31476
Fax: (02) 2313718


Head Office
AIC Limited
8th Floor, Cocoa House
P.O. Box 12789
Ibadan, Nigeria.

Tel: (02) 2413763, 2413881
Fax: (02)2313718

Lagos Office
AIC Limited
17 Badagry Road
P.O. Box 4916, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: (01) 874740

Abeokuta Office
AIC Limited
Oba Olowu Street
G.R.A. Abeokuta
Ogun State.

Tel: (039) 244841

Bauchi Office
AIC Limited
Opp. Jubril Aminu Primary School
New G.R.A., Bauchi
P.O. Box 2434
Bauchi State

Tel: (077) 42592

Benin Office
AIC Limited
61, Boundary Road,
G.R.A., Benin City
Bendel State.

Tel: (052) 241445
Tlx: 41163

Jos Office
AIC Limited
9, Joseph Gomwalk Road,
Jos. Plateau State.

Tel: (073) 52555
Tlx: 81159



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