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AIC’s multi-discipline project skills, with the ability to secure financial closure, offers our many clients-National, Regional and International-the most comprehensive of service.

AIC’s rapid growth in the last few years has been an expansion into international markets throughout Africa and the Caribbean.


Area of Expertise - Healthcare...

AIC’s Health care department was created in 1993 to work closely with local and state governments the world Health Organization (WHO), national authorities and multi-literal agencies such as IBRD and ADB. The Department draws on its own resources, the wider resources of AIC’s international Medical `Division and the collaborative expertise of consultants from Hospitals,Universities and medical research institutions.

The strategy to reduce poverty and to invest in social services–especially education and healthcare–is essential to improve living conditions and to increase the capacity of poorer citizens to respond to the opportunities of economic growth.

One of the key factors in ensuring that Healthcare projects are executed satisfactorily is to provide a project team of high caliber staff which combines experience in design and project management with that of Healthcare management .The combination of those skills together with local technical and together with local technical and logistic knowledge is brought to bear and as shown in the typical overall Project Methodology chart opposite.

AIC has provided services for the design and Project supervision of hospital and Health Facility rehabilitation schemes, typically as described in the following examples.

  • Plateau State health –care Delivery Project: $165m.
  • Ogun State Health Services Rehabilitation Project:$22m.(ADB finance).
  • Edo State Health project: ADB financed.
  • Bauchi state Health Project: $.30m (ADB finance).
  • Bauchi Sanitation Study.
  • Delta state health Project: $.30m.

The project required the provision of engineering and architectural Design. Supervision of construction and Procurement Services for ten separate unit comprising six new 30 –bed hospitals, and the upgrading of four other facilities.

Work commenced in 1915 on the design and project Supervision for the proposed rehabilitation of designated hospitals and health care facilities in Ogun state .The project methodology required carrying out a condition survey, detailed design, and full maintenance planning, A key factor of the project is to identify in advance any potential area of risk that might impact on the implementation program through the essential first stage condition survey.AIC’s staff maintain frequent contact with project implementation Unit (PIU),providing information on design ,cost and progress.

The existing practices of water supply, Sanitation, Surface water drainage and solid waste disposal were studied. Across section of residents were interviewed or asked to complete questionnaires to establish not only their sanitation practice but also their attitude and understanding of sanitation matters. Meetings were held with official and voluntary bodies working in the health and sanitation field to obtain their views, experience, and plans for the future. Part of the Bauchi Township Water Supply Project, The study predicted a reduction in water borne and water –washed diseases such as trachoma and diarrhea and that industry would be attracted to the town due to a general increase in living standards.

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