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AIC’s multi-discipline project skills, with the ability to secure financial closure, offers our many clients-National, Regional and International-the most comprehensive of service.

AIC’s rapid growth in the last few years has been an expansion into international markets throughout Africa and the Caribbean.


Area of Expertise - IT & Telecommunications...

AIC’s  Computer& Telecommunications Department represents a key commitment by the company to positively maintain its position of technical excellence and innovation both in term of its own corporate development  with respect to Multimedia,ISDN and CD-ROM  applications is such that AIC recognize that it has,together with all developing country institutions, a formidable task ahead to keep pace with technology, AIC, however welcomes that challenge and will continue to commit the necessary management and financial resources to successfully participate in the information ‘superhighway.

AIC’s capability and experience offer:

  • Digital (ISDN) & Analogue telephony
  • Satellite, Microwave & Radio System
  • Military communications
  • Telemetry & telecontrol
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system
  • Video conferencing
  • Cellulalar,paging& public address
  • Security and CCTV system
  • Building management Systems(BMS)

In 1994 AIC was appointed by NITEL (NITEL TELECOMMUNICATION) to carry out a technical and financial feasibility study for expansion and modernization of the Telecommunications network in the Northeast region of Nigeria..The study being undertaken in two phases comprises:

*Phase 1: Feasibility study
*Phase 2: Detailed Design and Tender preparation.

Phase 1 will address the fundamental design parameters for the network and validate the scope of the project against demand, tarrif and traffic data. From this an outline technical design will be prepared which will be costed using standard costing techniques and the financial rate of return of the project calculated using income figures derived from the traffic and tariff data.
Phase 2 will extend this outline design into a detailed network design, for which technical specifications and commercial tender document will be prepared in the format required by the African development bank for ICB (International Competitive Bidding).

The computer in our CAD facilityAutoCAD for drafting  STAND and SCALE under DOS (for structural analysis and design).Win-proj for project management and FoxPro (Windows) for data base analysis. 



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