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AIC’s multi-discipline project skills, with the ability to secure financial closure, offers our many clients-National, Regional and International-the most comprehensive of service.

AIC’s rapid growth in the last few years has been an expansion into international markets throughout Africa and the Caribbean.


Area of Expertise - Water...

Meeting the basic need of water is a long-standing challenge in sub-Saharan African countries as it is indeed in many countries of the developing world. It is a challenge that AIC has met to the full being responsible for the design and supervision of many of Nigeria’s most successful projects. The support given by the African Development Bank (ADB) has been instrumental to that success. The Department’s expertise is now being applied to the wider development of projects in African and the Caribbean.

AIC’s recent and current workload on water supply alone comprises over 180mgd of water supply capacity and $1 billion of installed works as indicated in the table.




Bauchi Township



Keffi/Akwanga & Doma



Jos/Bukuru Expansion



Benin city,Warri/Effunrun



Northern Ishan









Ilorin & Jebba



Uyo metropolitan



In these projects the scope of work has required AIC to provide Engineering services to cover:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed technical design
  • Tender documentation:
    • Instruction to tenderers
    • Form of tender
    • Form of Bond
    • Condition of contract
    • Bills of Quantities
    • Tender drawings
    • Specifications
    • Technical schedules

Subsequent to contract award AIC has been responsible for Project management and site supervision.



Plateau Public Utilities Board

African Development bank & Client

Construction cost:
$76 million

Scope of work:
Feasibility study, Design, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation. Project Management & Site supervision

The two schemes for Keffi /Akwanga and Doma water supplies were integrated into a single project to serve the three principal towns as well as smaller town and villages in the vicinity. The feasibility study paid particular attention to the determination of population and scheme design capacities.

A full economic and financial appraisal was included for ADB funding negotiations and these showed that the existing tariff structure would not produce an adequate IRR for the project. Proposals were therefore made for a progressive adjustment of tariffs over a ten year period to achieve full cost recovery. The scheme for Keffi/Akwanga is based on raw water extraction from the River Mada and has a peak output of 53,000 cu.m /day

Treatment comprises aeration, clarification, filtration and sterilization using plant designed for robust operation. Raw and treated water pumping plant with a total installed capacity of 160kW is provided .the rising main to Keffi is 54km long and 700/600mmdia ductile iron. The rising main to Akwanga is 13km long and of 300mm dia ductile iron. Altogether five new service reservoirs are provided, feeding new distribution system with a total length of 90km.

The Doma scheme uses the existing Doma irrigation impounding reservoir as its source and has a peak output capacity of 11,500 cu.m/day.

The treatment process is similar to the Keffi scheme. Total installed pump capacity is 400kw and the 300mmdia ductile iron rising main is 11km long, feeding a single new service reservoir. The distribution network has mains up to 400mmdia and a total length of 25km.

Project completion is in April 1995.



Nasarawa State Water Board

African Development Bank

Construction Cost:
i. Doma/Lafia Scheme - US$74,415 Million
ii. Mararaba Scheme - US$116,275 Million

Scope of Work:
Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Designs, Tender documentation, Tender Evaluation, Project Management and Construction supervision.

The Doma/Lafia and Mararaba/Karu water supply Schemes consist of the following:
Improvement of water supply to Lafia through the rehabilitation of the existing Lafia treatment works to full design capacity. Construction of a second Doma treatment works to be sited by the existing Doma irrigation impounding reservoir including a
pumping station, pumped mains to Lafia and new distribution network for Lafia and Environs.

The Mararaba/Karu Water supply Scheme involves the construction of New Treatment Works on Uke river consisting of:
- Off-line storage reservoir and associated pumping station
- Raw water transfer main to the treatment works
- Treatment works with the following components:
(a) Aeration/Flash mixing
(b) Sedimentation
(c) Filtration
(d) Sterilization/Buffer storage
- Treated water pumping station
- Treated water remains from treatment plant to Mararaba, Karu, Masaka and Environs



Bauchi state urban utility board

African development Bank & Client

Construction Cost:
$70 million

Scope of work:
Design Audit & Supervision of Turkey Construction contract

The projects consist of construction of water treatment works, distribution system and all necessary mechanical and electrical plant. The water gravities from the existing Gubi Dam intake via twin steel mains to the treatment works.

These works provide 45,500 cu.m/day of treated water in stage 1 and provide for expansion to 70,000 cu.m/day in stage 11.

The treatment process consist of aeration, clarification, Filtration and final disinfection. Chemical treatment includes provision of automatic and standby gravity dosing of alum, lime and polyelectrolyte. The treated water is pumped to two existing million litre reservoir with a maximum working head of 16 bar surge suppression, an 11kV sub-station and standby power are all provided, as is staff accommodation.

The treated water rising main from the works to the reservoirs is an 800mm dia steel pipeline ,13km long .The distribution system ,incorporating the existing system ,was modeled and verified .The contract includes the laying of approx. 200km of steel mains, varying between 100mm and 700mm in dia.

AIC carried out an Environmental impact Assessment, including sanitation study of existing practices of water supply, sanitation, surface water drainage and solid waste disposal.


Azare, Misau, and Jama' are Water Supply Scheme

Bauchi State Water Board

African Development Bank

Construction Cost:
US$83 Million

Scope of Work:

Feasibility Study, Environmentatlmpact Assessment (EtA), Designs, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Project Management and Construction supervision.
The Azare, Misau and Jam' are Water Supply Scheme is based on the abstraction of water from the alluvial aquifer through collector wells to supply Azare and Jama'are towns and adjoining villages and the construction of the Gulka Dam to support down-strteam abstraction at Kari to Supply Misau town and adjoining Villages.

The components of the Scheme consist of:
- Collector wells at Jama' are on River Jama' are to meet water demand in Jama' are and Azare
- Ground water storage and chlorination works at River Jama' are Site.
- Pumping main from ground storage to Azare' via Jama' are.
- A collector well at Kari on the River Misau to serve Missau.
- Ground storage and chlorination works at River Misau site.
- Pumping main from ground storage to Misau.
- Construction of Gulka Dam to support abstractions from the alluvial aquifer at Kari.


Benin City Water Supply Scheme

Edo State Urban Water Board

African Development Bank
Edo State Government of Nigeria

Construction Cost:
USS152.49 Million

Scope of Work:
Preliminary Design, Final Design, tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Recommendation and Award of
Contract, Construction Supervision of works.

The second phase of the Benin City Water Supply Scheme the upgrading of the Ikpoba Dam Treatment Plant with the construction of 4No.additional Filter Beds; diversion of surface water drainage from-upstream to down-stream of Ikpoba Dam, construction of4No ground level pre-stressed and 2No. Elevated concrete storage reservoirs, supply and installation of Ductile Iron (DI) pipes of 100mm diameter for extensi0r1 of distribution system and the supply and installation of 40,000 consumer meters, rehabilitation of 5No existing bore-hole head-works, supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment for the upgrading of Ikpoba Dam treatment Plant, construction of Head-quarters Office building, Special Area Office, 2NoArea Offices and 1No District Office.

The construction of works commenced in1993 and 1995 when work on site was suspended due to exhaustion of the African Development Sank (ADS) fund arising from several unforeseen factors during implementation. During the two years (1993-1995) of construction works had reached 750/0 overall completion.

Due to various political transactions from Military to Civilian, successive Civilian Administrations in the State have been making concerted efforts to secure additional funds to complete the balance works and other new works.


1. Benin City: Edo State water Board;
2. Warri/Effurun: Delta state water Board

African Development Bank & client

Construction cost:

Scope of work:
Design, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Construction Supervision

Upgrading of Benin City water scheme, through the improvement of Ikpoba
The Benin City and Effurun water schemes consist of the following.

The construction of phase II of the treatment plant: supply and installation of DCI and AC pipes of 100 to 700mmdia: rehabilitation of five boreholes headwords: construction of five booster stations: supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment: and the supply and installation of meters.

The expansion of Warri–Effurun water scheme involves the construction of three well field and the associated headwork’s: the construction of three treatment plants (aeration, lime dosing and filtration):construction of 13 storage tanks :supply and laying of DCI and AC pipes of 150 to 900mmdia; supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment.
- Construction of office building, workshop, central laboratory and office facilities.
- Provision of operational equipment such as vehicle, Telecommunications, and computers.
- Construction of the water supply systems is due for completion in 1995.


WarrilEffurun Water Supply Scheme

Delta State Urban water Board

African Development Bank
Delta State Government of Nigeria

Construction Cost: US$127.05 Million

Scope of Work:
Preliminary Design, Final Design, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Recommendation and Award of Contract, Construction Supervision.

The WarrilEffurun Water Supply Scheme was planned for three separate sourcelhead-works locations of the Warri/Effurun Metropolis namely Dom Domingo source head-works, Uwase source head-works and Barracks source head-works. The implementation ofthe fIrst phase which is Dom Domingo sourcelhead-works commenced in 1993 up to 1995 when work was suspended due to exhaustion of the African Development Bank (ADB) fund caused by several unforseen factors during implementation. However, due to the various political transition from Millitary to Civilian administration in 2005, resuscitated the suspended project.

The Dom Domingo source head-works involves the construction ofone well fIelds consisting of I7No. Bore holes and associated head-works, construction of a treatment plant (aeration, time dosing and f1ltration), construction of a 45 meter high water tower, supply and installation of Ductile Iron (DI) pipes of 100mm to I,000mm diameter for distribution network and supply and installation of 30,000 consumer meters and the supply and installation ofelectro- Mechanical plant and equipment.
Construction of INo. Special Area Office, Maintenance Workshop, 3No.Area Offices and 12No. District Offices.

Provision of operational equipment such as vehicles, telecommunications and computers for the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

Construction works on the Dom Domingo source head-works have reached 95% completion and commissioned on or before June 20 IO.


Shaki, New Iseyin, Oke- 'Ho, Iganna and Environs Water Supply Schemes.

Oyo State Water Corporation

African Development bank

Construction Cost:
US$206,280 Million

Scope of Work:
Feasibility Study, Environmental ImpactAssessment (EIA), Designs, Tender Documentation,Tender Evaluation, ProjectManagement and Construction Supervision.

The Shaki, New Isdeyin, Oke- 'Ho Iganna and environs Water Schemes involves two separate Schemes namely existing Ikere Gorge Dam supplying water to Iseyin, Oke-Ho, Iganna and environs and a separate new dam at Sepeteri supplying water to Shaki and environs. The components ofthe Schemes are:
- Construction ofa new bigger dam on Ogun River at Sepeteri and removal ofthe two smallerExisting dams at Sepeteri.
- Construction ofa treatment plant each at Ikere Gorge and Sepeteri.
- Pumpedtrunk mains from Ikere Gorge and Sepeteri to the outlaying project area.
- Boosterpumping stations at designated locations.
- Distribution networks in the various towns and villages.


(i) Ikire/Apomu/lkoyi water Supply Scheme
(ii) Nmew Iwo Water Supply Scheme
(iii) Ede Oshogbo Water Supply Scheme

Construction Cost:
US$75 Million

African Development Bank

Osun State Water Corporation

Scope of Work:
Feasibility Studies Report (FSR), Environmental ImpactAssessment Report (EIA), Preliminary Design Report (PDR), Detailed Engineering Design (DED) and Drawings, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Recommendation ofAward ofcontract,
Project Management and Construction Supervision.

The Scheme for Ikire/ApomulIkoyi and environs involves Asejire Dam abstraction works and Raw Water pumping station, Raw Water Transfer Main to the Treatment works, construction of a new treatment works located on the Osun Stae side ofthe existing Asejire Dam comprising aeriation/flash mixing, flocculation/classification, filtration, sterilization/contact tank, chemical dosing/storage, Treated Water Pumping Station, Treated Water Transfer main to the Reservoirs, Stand-by Generating sets and Distribution systems. The construction ofa completely new treatment works to be located on the Osun State side3 of the existing Asejire Dam complete with low lift and high lift pump sets.
Replacement ofthe existing trunk mains of4500mm diameter Ductile Iron (DI) pipes and extensive distribution net work.

The Scheme for Iwo township including the Bowen University campus, Oluponna, Ogbagba, Telemu, He Ogbo, Kuta and environs involves the construction ofa new water works using River Oba as the new source ofraw water. This new water is provided by the impoundment ofRiverAyiba cannot meet up with the required volume ofwater for the new Iwo Water Supply.
The Ede/Oshogbo water Supply Schemes requires the rehabilitation of the existing electromechanical equipment at both the old and new water works. Desilting ofthe water catchment areas of the dam is required to restore design capacity ofthe dam.

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